Motorsport In Mourning As F1 Test Driver Maria de Villota Passes Away

After spending a frustrating 24 hours trying to get back from a Top Gear shoot in the middle of the Moroccan desert, the last thing I expected to receive as I woke up still groggy and sandy this morning was a message telling me of Maria de Villota's untimely death. » 10/11/13 7:07am 10/11/13 7:07am

Lewis Hamilton Struggles To Read My Poor Handwriting But Answers Some…

Last week at a cold, rainy Silverstone circuit I met Lewis Hamilton in the cosy warmth of the swank BRDC Clubhouse for a chat about F1, off-track life and his recent Top Gear UK fastest lap. Even though he's one of the busiest men on the planet right now, he still had the time to rightly take the piss out of my crappy… » 3/16/13 9:18am 3/16/13 9:18am

I'd guess that (as with all racers out there - good and bad, male and female), taking the flak when you do something wrong on track is part of the job. But it's how you handle it that matters - shit like this happens at every race, in every series: it's racing. » 7/15/12 1:15pm 7/15/12 1:15pm